Hosts of civilizations...

Mardin, along with Venice and Jerusalem, is one of the three cities in the world, whose whole protected pattern is kept unimpaired. It is a world city located en route historical Silk Road and on the fruitful Mesopotamia plain, which has welcomed several civilizations and hosted different sects, ethnic groups and traditions for 12000 years. It is also a nominee for UNESCO’s “World Cultural Heritage List” having an open-air museum view.

Different beliefs and cultures have lived together peacefully, for ages in Mardin. At many points of the city you can see abbeys and churches, besides mosques and madrasahs which are important for Muslims.

The important mosques, madrasahs and tombs located in the city center:

  • Abdüllatif Mosque
  • Melik Mahmud Mosque
  • Hızır Kale Mosque
  • Hamza-i Kebir Mosque (Zaviye)
  • Kasımiye Madrasah
  • Melik Mansur Madrasah
  • Reyhaniye Mosque
  • Sitti Radviyye (Hatuniye) Madrasah
  • Şehidiye Madrasah
  • Şeyh Çabuk Mosque
  • Ulu Mosque
  • Zinciriye Madrasah

The important churches and abbeys located in the city center:

  • Deyrulzafaran Abbey
  • Kırklar (Mor Behnam) Church
  • Meryem Ana Church
  • Mor Efrem Church
  • Mor Hürmüzd (Behirmizi) Church
  • Mor Mihayel Church (Burç Abbey)
  • Mor Petrus and Mor Pavlus Church
  • Mor Şimuni Church
  • Mor Yusuf Church
  • Red Church