Easy to say,
12 thousand years have passed in the twinkling of an eye.

A lot of civilizations and millions of people have sacrificed their lives for the sake of Mardin but this love has never come to an end. Maybe it was the generous fields, maybe it was the castle which stood still reigning over the Mesopotamia all through the history or perhaps it was simply the colour that the sun painted over the stones that created this bond. Who knows...

Mardin is the city where the stone masters dedicated their passion and faith tenaciously like crafting a necklace.

Mardin is the city where the children fill the narrow streets with their joy and where one can witness the history in a single breath just walking through an “abbara”.

For thousands of years with no religious, language or ethnic discrimination, Mardin has been a place where ringing bells rhyme with the azan and the madrasahs embrace the churches.

Mardin is love, sympathy, culture and history.

For hundreds of years, placed over the historic Silk Road, Mardin had been the destination where the merchants longed to arrive.

Mardin is the “mırra” to drink on happy and sad days which is cooked in the cups crafted in the copper bazaar, Mardin is the “telkari”, the most cherished handicraft gifted to the brides on their wedding days.

Mardin is the fortress even Timurlenk could not conquer, it is the place where the hawks nest, watching over the Mesopotamia plain.